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ADDS //February 2019

Brandon Gates – Pictures of Us (Borealis Records) *cancon

Art d’Ecco – Trespasser (Paper Bag Records) *cancon

Ken Hoyne – Sublime (Independent)

Safia Nolin – Dans Le Noir (Bonsound Records) *cancon

Plants – What You Forget (Independent) *cancon

Anything But – Do or Try (Independent) *cancon

Dodie – Human (Independent)

Royal Canoe – Waver (Paper Bag Records) *cancon

Sievi – Rebirth (Independent) *cancon

ADDS // January 2019

Guster - Look Alive (Nettwerk) 

OHMelectronic - OHMelectronic (Artoffact Records) *cancon

Le Butcherettes - bi/MENTAL (Rise Records)

cleopatrick - the boys (Independent) *cancon

Wooden Horsemen - Past Lives (Independent) *cancon

Georgian Bay - Courage, Vol: 2: Moon (Independent) *cancon

Empty Minds - People Are Sausages (Independent)

Satan's Satyrs - The Lucky Ones (Riding Easy Records)

GØGGS - Pre Strike Sweep (In The Red Records)

Golden B.C. - I Don't Want To Be This (Independent) *cancon

Sam Lundell - Head//Hands (Independent) *cancon

More Or Les - Nerd Love (Hand Solo Records) *cancon

High Parade - The Ocean (Independent) *cancon

Jim James - Uniform Clarity (ATO Records)

ADDS // December 2018

Joyfultalk - Plurality Trip (Independent) *cancon

Brown Acid - The Seventh Trip (Riding Easy Records)

The Romance of Improvisation in Canada: The Genius of Eldon Rathburn (Independent) *cancon

Carl Lorusso Jr. – Murder Tools (Independent)

Barbra Lica - You're Fine (Justin Time Records) *cancon

Alastor – Slave To The Grave (Riding Easy Records)

All Hands On Jane - Animal Worship (Independent) *cancon

The High Dials – Foreverish (Hook and Prayer Records) *cancon

Wishkaah – After (Independent) *cancon

The Sylvia Platters | Stephen Carl O'Shea - Shawdow Steps (Independent) *cancon

Yes McCan – Oui (Make It Rain Studios) *cancon

Real Ponchos – Sunshine (Independent) *cancon

Len Finnigan – Counterpoint Conundrum (String Plunker Records) *cancon

Alicia Hansen – Before You (Independent) *cancon

Georgian Bay - Courage Vol. 1: Soleil (Independent) *cancon

Problem Patient - Patient Problems

Carly Dow - Comet (Independent) *cancon

Ewan Macintyre - Road Junkie (Broken Car Records) *cancon

ADDS // November 2018

The Celtic Kitchen Party - The Celtic Kitchen Party EP (Independent) *cancon

David Running - waiting by the door (Independent) *cancon

Dylan Ella – Feel My Guts (Independent) *cancon

Benedikt – Fascia (Independent)

Alexandra Streliski – Inscape (Secret City Records) *cancon

Richard Thompson – 13 Rivers (New West Records) *cancon

Richard Reed Parry – Quiet River of Dust (Screen City Records) *cancon

Fever Feel – Fever Feel (Independent) *cancon

Robert Connely Farr & The Rebeltone Boys – Dirty South Blues (Independent) *cancon

Jerusalem In My Heart – Daqa’iq Tudaiq (Independent) *cancon

The Irish Rovers – The Unicorn, The Continuing Story (Rover Records)

Kaelan Mikla - Nott Eftir Nott (Artoffact Records) 

Jonathan Something - Outlandish Poetica (Solitaire Recordings)

Harrison - Apricity (Last Gang) *cancon

Memphis May Fire - Broken (BMG/Black Box)

Seas - Cursed (Dine Alone Records) *cancon

Devata Daun - Pye Luis (Pytch Records)

Kirsten Ludwig - We Get It Now (Oscar St. Records) *cancon

Wooden Horsemen - Past Lives (Independent) *cancon

ADDS // October 2018

Dave McEathron - Abandoned Companions (Independent) *cancon

Couteau Papillon - In Silico (Independent) *cancon

Carly Dow - Comet (Independent) *cancon

Stand Atlantic - Skinny Dipping (Hopeless Records)

Autogramm - What R U Waiting 4? Nevada Records) *cancon

Jay Aymar - Your Perfect Matador (Independent) *cancon

Wish Lash - Altar of Doubt (Independent) *cancon

Asher Small - Honesty, For Once (Independent) *cancon

Verasect - Sleep Stories EP (Independent)

Ensh - Both of Them Milenko (Independent)

Hollow Graves - Hollow Graves (Independent) *cancon

One In The Chamber - I’ve Got Something To Say (Independent) *cancon

ADDS // September 2018

Kinnie Starr – Feed The Fire (Aporia Records) *cancon

Talk Nice – Afterglow (Independent) *cancon

RED HAVEN – Funhouse Mirror (Independent) *cancon

Jessica Speziale – Awakening (Independent) *cancon

Ron Korb - World Café (Independent) *cancon

ALLO – ALLO EP (Independent) *cancon

Dog Is Blue - Dead and Gone (Independent) *cancon

David Madaras - Early Bird Special (Independent) *cancon

Strangers On A Plane – WINGS (Independent) *cancon